You have only 3 seconds to make a great first impression on LinkedIn

Everyone has different goals on LinkedIn.

  • Some people want to accelerate their career to quickly find their dream job or promotion.
  • Others want to connect with investors to raise capital for their startup company.
  • Entrepreneurs are looking for new clients and customers for their business.

People do judge books by their cover.

The same is true on LinkedIn.

No matter what your LinkedIn goal is, success on LinkedIn always starts having a LinkedIn profile that makes sure you shine through!

When your profile stands out from the others, people want to

  • connect with you
  • learn more about you
  • get to know you
  • hire you
  • work with you

In other words, they are more likely to proactively approach you and talk to you.

Did you know that a hire is made every 8 seconds on LinkedIn?

Your LinkedIn profile is more than just a resume.

It's the perfect opportunity to highlight your uniqueness as a professional.

It’s one of the top things the 2.8 million recruiters using LinkedIn every day look at when viewing your profile.

To find the right job for yourself, make your LinkedIn profile amazing.

And this LinkedIn profile optimization course teaches you exactly how to do it!

In this comprehensive course, I teach you exactly how to optimize each and every aspect of your LinkedIn profile from top to bottom so you look professional, capable and likeable.

It includes how to

  1. select the best professional photo of yourself
  2. craft an outstanding headline that recruiters can easily discover you
  3. showcase your professional experience to describing your achievements, expertise and skill set
  4. highlight your strengths to work to your advantage
  5. and more!

For more details, check out the 20 module description below.

There is also a bonus section: Q&A for you to leave a question if you have a specific question that wasn't answered in any of the modules.

So, are you ready to embark on the quest for your perfect job role?

Course Curriculum


Creating your LinkedIn Success Mission Statement

Describe what you want to achieve on this #1 professional social media platform

Profile Cover Photo

How to Select an Amazing LinkedIn Cover Photo

To showcase your skills and expertise with a single visual

Profile Photo

How to Take and Choose a Professional Photo for LinkedIn

To make you look capable, likeable and professional

LinkedIn Headline

How to Write the Perfect Linkedin Headline

To enable recruiters and other professionals to discover you easily and get a clear idea of what you specialise in within a glance

Your Name

The Best Way of Spelling Your Name on LinkedIn

To portray the right image to the professional community

Profile Description

How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile Description

To showcase your strongest assets upfront by including the most relevant, key points for a specific position. It also allows the recruiters and employers to get a solid picture of your qualifications immediately.

Contact Information

Which Contact Information Should You Include on Your LinkedIn Profile

To make it easy for recruiters and prospective employers to get in touch with you quickly

Profile Location

Geo-Targeting on LinkedIn – How to Make the Most out of Your Location.

To help prospective employers and recruiters to search for candidates based on location

Profile URL

How to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

To help others remember and type your LinkedIn profile url into the browser

Profile Privacy

How to Manage Your LinkedIn Profile Privacy Settings

To enable others to discover you easily not just on LinkedIn but on Google search as well

Call To Action

Why You Need a Call to Action on Your LinkedIn Profile

To motivate your audience to take real steps toward getting in touch with you

Using Media

Why You Should Add Media to Your LinkedIn Profile

To explain yourself and your accomplishments in a way that can be much more effective than just words. It also helps differentiate your profile and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Professional Experience

How to Write Your LinkedIn Work Experience Section

To highlight your past experiences, achievements and career growth across each role. 

Education History

How to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile Education History

By including relevant qualifications, proving your academic level and telling the story of the professional you are today.

Volunteering History

How to Add Volunteer Experiences to Your Linkedin Profile

To beef up your profile if you're new to the workforce or changing careers. Also gives the opportunity to include transferrable skills that helps hiring managers locate your profile 

Professional Skills

How to Optimize the Skills Section of Your LinkedIn Profile

To make your profile seriously shine— and start getting noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.


How to Get High-Quality LinkedIn Recommendations

To help boost your credibility with the hiring manager and signal that you have had strong relationships throughout your professional career. 


How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn's New Accomplishments Section

To tell recruiters and hiring managers why you're the right fit for the role


Why You Should Update Your Interests on LinkedIn

To let other professionals know what you're curious about and can even help you form new connections with people who follow the same things as you.


How to Get 10x More Profile Views by Sharing the Right Content on LinkedIn

To position you as an authority and expert in your field and create trust with your connections. Those who are seen as an expert are often paid more and are highly sought after

Questions & Answers

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